Fairfield Harbour Garden Club

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The Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has selected 2140 Royal Pines Dr. the home of John and Mary McCutcheon as the November Yard of the Month.
The yard has a well manicured lawn with a grouping of pine trees in the front. Around the trees are a variety of plantings providing seasonal color such as Irises,Daffodils,Mums,among
many other flowering varieties. There is a garden in front of the porch with several flowering plants including periwinkle and a Rhododendron plant.
On the porch is a planter with flowering plants and two hanging baskets making the entrance very welcoming. The McCutcheon’s both enjoy working in their yard and they were very happy to be November’s Winner of the Yard of the Month.


The Yard of the Month Committee for Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 2148 Royal Pines Drive as October 2022 Yard of the Month Winner. The homeowners are James and Deborah Harris.

This lawn is well groomed with several flower beds in front of the house with periwinkle and lantana plants. There is a large island in the front of the property with a variety of flowers including, lantana in various colors, lemon grass and periwinkle plants. Drive by to appreciate this landscape.

Congratulations, to James and Deborah Harris for winning October 2022 Yard of the Month

JULY 2022

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club, has chosen 909 Capstan Court as outstanding yard in the Harbour as the July, 2022 winner.  The homeowner’s are Bob and Lorraine Walter and previous winners of the Yard of the Month. This beautifully landscaped yard is both colorful and natural looking. The yard has a variety of trees and the lawn is well groomed as are the trees and shrubs. There are lovely begonias in the front yard and many impatiens with colorful bloom’s. Bob enjoys working in his yard, and does all the lawn and garden maintenance. Come see this beautiful landscape. Congratulations Bob and Lorraine this is an impressive front yard!

JUNE 2022

The Yard of the Month Committee for Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 6108 Fellucca Ct. as the outstanding yard in the Harbour as the June Winner. Bill and Lois Andrews have done an amazing job of mixing different types of flowers in the raised beds in front of their home. There are two baskets with pink petunias hanging from the front balcony, and the left side of the property is bordered by many red rose bushes producing an array of beautiful blooms. The right side of the yard has an arbor with another hanging basket of pink petunias. In the front yard center, is a mermaid water fountain which Bill crafted from a bird bath. Drive by this property to see the beauty, which shows Bill and Lois’s love and appreciation of gardening.


Pam & Dave Kovacs

5306 Tradewinds


The Yard of the Month Committee for Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen Armand and Pam Dion at 902 Muirfield Place as the outstanding yard in the Harbour as the November Winner.


2062 Royal Pines Dr. is all ready for Fall.  This beautiful home is owned and maintained by Linda and Vern Naden.  The tasteful garden had pumpkins, a strawman, a pretty white bench, and frog sculptures all nestled under the trees with colorful mums spaced throughout.  On the left side of the yard there were more pumpkins and a pretty wreath and Fall pillow on a black rocking chair on the front porch.  It gave a very welcoming scene for Autumn.  When you drive by, be sure and look at it from both directions for the full effect.


The September Yard of the Month is located at 1224 Santa Lucia and belongs to Larry and Jo Anne Nachman.  This home is just lovely and so well manicured!  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  Front garden below porch has healthy green shrubbery with a collection of animal and whimsical figurines. A Japanese maple on the left of the entrance adds color and balance to the curb appeal. The lawns are well cared for and in perfect green lush color. The front porch has a seating  area  with container pots in bloom. The mandevilla vines on trellises grace both of the front gardens to add exceptional color and interest.  The gardens to the left of the driveway are well maintained and lovely with annuals and bursts of inviting color.  As you drive past the house and look down the property the “fence” in the back yard is laden with birdhouses, feeders, pollinator plants and shrubs and just a well maintained as the front.

JUNE 2019

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 909 Capstan Court, as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their June winner.  Bob and Lorraine Walter are the homeowners (and previous winners).  Lorraine was quick to point out that the yard is all Bob!!  She made a deal with him fifty years ago, that she would take care of the inside of their homes and he would be responsible for the outside of their homes, and boy oh boy, has he done just that!!  They had the house built in 2007 and Bob has literally planted everything in the yard, with the exception of a few trees. He claims he's cutting back as he gets older, but it is difficult to imagine what it looked like before he "cut back."  This beautifully landscaped yard is very eye-catching.  There is a pink Mandevilla plant climbing up the mailbox.  There are many well groomed shrubs, a crepe myrtle tree, hollies, a River Birch tree, a couple of Red Bud trees and a Japanese Maple.   A stunning array of assorted impatience baskets are nestled in front of the manicured shrubs, adding dimension.  The lantana and purple passion plant also add some color.  There are double hanging baskets in the yard and a single hanging basket in the corner of the front yard, hanging from the Red Bud tree.  The lawn is very green and well manicured, even though we are currently experiencing a drought.  Bob can be seen in the photo holding his Yard of the Month certificate (Lorraine is camera-shy).  Congratulations on an impressive front yard!

MAY 2019

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 6115 Cardinal Drive, as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their May winner.  The meticulous front yard of homeowners, James Eckhart & Rhonda Gunderson, showcases their love of gardening. The well manicured lawn is accented by the brick edging that brings everything together.  The yard has a lot of texture and there are various cardinals of yard art, which are appropriate, given their address.  A definite "red" theme compliments the yard with two red hanging flowers baskets and flags boasting more cardinals. Nestled among the trees are decorative boulders and a pretty birdbath.  The gardens contain a dogwood, weigela and other assorted shrubs, all nicely trimmed.  On the day this photo was taken, Rhonda and James were busy gardening in the heat of the afternoon sun. That is true dedication!!  Congratulations, your efforts have been rewarded!


The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 2111 Royal Pines Drive as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their September winner.  The front yard of homeowners, Lewis and Kathleen Travis is nicely proportioned and balanced, with a terrific looking lawn.  There is a lovely front island with interesting planters, including a bicycle and swan, as well as scattered pottery full of red flowers.  The American Flag is majestically displayed on one of the trees in the front island.  There is another side island to the left of the house which is full of assorted shrubs and decorative grass, as well as more red flowers (a nice compliment to the red in the flag).  More assorted greenery and red flowers line the front of the house. Guests are greeted by potted geraniums adorning the front steps, as well as cute garden inspired porch decor.  A tropical palm tree adds just the right amount of privacy while relaxing on the front porch in the comfortable wicker furniture. To the right of the garage (not visible in the photo) is a bench nestled among the shade of the trees.  Kathy was gracious enough to admit that Lew is the "gardener" in the family, but she gladly pitches in to deadhead or help out whenever needed.  Congratulations!


The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbor Garden Club has chosen 6108 Pelican Drive as the outstanding yard in the Harbor for their August winner.   Herman and Victoria (Vicky) Bozenhardt are the homeowners and pride of ownership is quite evident in this very attractive front yard.  There is much interest in the two islands; one with a beautiful crepe myrtle, knockout roses and geraniums.  The other island is watched over by a rather large turquoise pelican and a carved bear and is filled with purple and green caladium, calla lilies, New Guinea impatiens, Gerbera daisy, sago palm and a beautiful tropical spider lily.  The entire front yard is very neatly kept and weed free.  Vicky is an active member of the FHGC and her love of gardening shows.  Congratulations!!


The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 906 Diamond Court as the outstanding "waterfront property" yard in the Harbour for their July winner.  Cliff and Patty Learnard's backyard will be easy to see for all boaters entering or leaving the Inner Harbour as their property sits along Spring Creek and the Inner Harbour.  The Learnard's backyard is as neat as a pin, boasting a weed-free lawn and offers a serene, colorful and well balanced mixture of double knockout roses, re-blooming azaleas, camilla, coreopsis and dahlias.  Stunning colorful pots filled with million bells, creeping Jenny, pentas, Gerbera daisy, and begonias flank either side of the deck.  Hard to miss is a most colorful turquoise table, chairs and umbrella on the deck.  The showstopper smack dab in the middle of the roses, has to be the Donora South Locomotive Bell, with its beautiful patina that nicely compliments the table & chairs.  According to the owners, the bell came from a locomotive that was used by U.S. Steel in Donora, PA.  When the steel mill went out of business an old family friend of theirs acquired the bell.  That friend eventually gave Cliff and Patty the bell for their lake house in PA and it is now sitting proudly at their home in Fairfield Harbour.  Interestingly enough, Patty used to watch that same U.S. Steel Mill locomotive from her grandmother's house.  Little did she know that some day she would own the bell from that train.  Congratulations to our first "waterfront property" winners!!!!

June 2018

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 903 Terrapin Court as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their June winner.  Wayne and Twyla Pearson have spent many years cultivating their yard, situated on a park-like semiprivate setting of tall pines.  Stunning knockout rose bushes grace each side of the driveway.  On the left, are daylillies and a large gardenia bush and coreopsis and other plants surround the knockout roses.  Dahlias, drift roses and variegated liriope can be seen to the left of the front porch and pots full of geraniums and begonias line the porch steps.  A large island in the front is abound with creeping jenny, gerbera daisies, dianthus, garden calla lily and snapdragons, to name a few.  A stunning purple clematis climbs the lamp post with a bed of purple aster below it and lady banks roses spill over an arbor leading into the backyard.  A tasteful array of lawn art, figurines, birdhouses, a bird bath and the American Flag flying high add to the splendor of this most stunning yard.  It is no surprise that the Pearson's are prior YOM winners.  Their yard is a true testament of what many years of hard work and dedication can achieve. Congratulations on a job well done!

May 2018

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 6111 Felucca Court as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their May winner.  Bob and Pat Sager, are the homeowners of this enviable waterfront property situated on the Inner Harbor.  A large container of bright yellow pansies and a bird bath surrounded by bright pink azaleas commands the left side of the driveway.  The red front door draws the eye up the curved driveway towards the entrance where a colorful flag flies high to the left of the steps and two potted ferns adorn each side of the porch.  A large tall bush of red roses, is on the right side of the driveway.  There are many other colorful flowers, azaleas and roses in pots integrated among mature trees and various types and sizes of shrubs.  The amount of color, placement of accessories and the overall design of this property make for outstanding curb appeal.   According to Pat, she selects which plants to buy and where they will be planted and Bob plants and does the manual labor.  They must be doing something right, as they are previous YOM winners, having won in May 2011 also.   Congratulations!!

November 2017

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 1931 Caracara Drive as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their November winner.  The front yard of homeowners, Ralph and Judy Dupree, welcomes visitors to this yard of many features.  A quaint lighthouse, bicycle and bear are now paired with seasonal porch decor.  The cement edged beds are still providing blooms with mums, azaleas, vinca, lantana and guara.  The yard also contains a nice balance of ground covers, shrubs and trees, including a lovely maple.  Not visible in the photo are two small white picket fences which frame the front corners of the yard.  A colorful and blooming yard at this time of year is no easy feat ~ congratulations Ralph & Judy!

October 2017

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 5811 Port Drive as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their October winner.  The front yard of the homeowners, James and Gloria Whitfield has a nautical theme, complete with a sea captain at the helm, a lighthouse and a parrot to greet visitors approaching the front walkway.  A lovely palm garden, islands and borders full of impatiens, marigolds, petunias and various perennials adds to the charm.  The front porch brightens the look with two vivid hanging baskets and a lovely wreath on the front door.  The lawn is perfectly manicured and the yard is pristine pretty!

September 2017

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 5700 Sloop Court as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their September winner.  The home of George and Jean Leslie sits at the end of the cul-de-sac and is a blast of summer color.  Flowering crape myrtles accompany many blooming annuals including banks of vinca and marigolds, as well as nice foundation plants and perennials such as sedum, cannas, hibiscus, Mexican petunias, and others.  If you stop for a minute you count quite a number of hummingbirds that are attracted to numerous feeders and butterflies, as well.  There is a welcoming front  porch and garden art, a red mail box and yard light and there are colorful flags.  George is the gardener in the Leslie family, according to his wife, Jean.  George's interest in art and color is evident in the time, effort an pride he put into creating his front yard "masterpiece!" 

June 2017

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 1211 Santa Lucia Road as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their June winner.  The home of Thomas Musser and Yan (Kalinna) Wen was brought to the committee's attention by a neighbor who said Kalinna spends a great deal of time tending to the gardens.  The large front yard consists of beautiful trees, a nice lawn, two arbors and a pond with a trickling waterfall and fountain.  There is a variety of trees and many plantings, including roses, crape myrtles, mandevilla, peonies, iris, guara, ajuga, amaryllis and abelia.  The overall good balance and pleasant appearance makes one want to just sit out there and enjoy the scenery.

May 2017

The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club has chosen 911 Hawksbill Court as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their May winner.  The home of Cliff and Stephanie Bardwell sits at the end of the cul-de-sac, overlooking the creek.  The grounds are beautifully manicured with complimentary shrubs and flowers in bloom.  Behind the gazebo a life-size statue of a "frog" sailor, also known as Freddie the Fairfield Harbour Fiddler, watches over the Bardwell's sailboat.  The gazebo is adorned with healthy and plentiful arrangements of color and the family dog even has its very own mini gazebo.  The combination of the house, gazebo, composition of plants and color are what makes this a Fairfield Harbour winner!

April 2017

The Yard of the Month Committee for the FHGC has chosen 907 Sawgrass Court as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for their April winner.  Homeowners, Richard and Janet Mitchell are to be commended for the time and effort they put into their front yard, where a crepe myrtle marks the end of the walkway along the porch, which has a nice bed lining the outer edge.  A balance of trees indicate the corners of the house.  There is nice garden art with pots and other decor.  The steps and porch are welcoming with, creeping fig, colorful pansies in numerous locations and matching pots with trellises farming the top of the steps.  A viburnum is blooming in the rock edged island bed.  When invited into the backyard, visitors are greeted with picket fences, more rock edged island beds, an eclectic array of yard art & water fountains.  One of two trellises, beckons the visitors along a meandering walkway, where a lovely gazebo tucked among the trees is a perfect place to read a book or just relax in one of two comfortable chairs.  Towards the end of the walkway a "secret garden" awaits discovery ~ simply delightful!!

October 2016

The Yard of the Month for October is 826 Pelican Drive.  Maureen Post has focused on a unique Japanese landscape for her entire yard.  The front yard has several design areas with crushed granite mulch, pagodas, a stone lantern and a variety of plants and shrubs.  Colorful containers of flowers are present.  There is an area with two birds made of stone and metal.  The front porch reflect the theme with a happy Buddha and a gong.  When invited into the back yard, the visitor sees the continuation of an Oriental theme utilizing the water aspect with a pond and various shrubs to bring serenity to the area surrounding the home.

September 2016

The Yard of the Month Committee for the FH Garden Club has chosen 902 Muirfield Place as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for September.  Pamela and Armand Dion have managed to continue having a yard full of color during our hot and dry summer.  The meticulously groomed yard shows much attention to detail.  The beds abound with annuals and perennials that set off the color and trim on the home.  The flower baskets hanging in the trees, the trellisses and the accessories are tasteful and friendly.  A whimsical life-sized dog greets you as you approach the front porch which further welcomes the visitor with a table and chairs to enjoy the sense of peace.

May 2016

May Yard of the Month was awarded to Rosemary and Edward Duffy, 210 Chateau Drive.  The yard is well manicured with a great selection of
plants and shrubs, accents that "pop".  All areas are given equal
attention including a mailbox feature.  Rosemary spoke about their
love of gardening and spending time in their yard.  Drive by and see
this month's winner.

April 2016

The Yard of the Month selection for April 2016 is 1906 Harbourside Dr.  This home belongs to Bernie and Nancy Teubert who have been enjoying their yard for 24 years.  To give more space for an avid gardener an extra half-acre next to their home was purchased. Over 20 large azaleas of all colors were ablaze in April, roses and camellias in bloom.  There is always something in bloom in the spring and summer with the many well-cared for shrubs, flowers, and trees.  Unique features in the garden include a large live oak and 2000 pound white anchor  Five palm trees overlook the dock and bring Caribbean ambiance to the property.  You are invited to visit and walk the garden paths taking in this labor of love.


July 2015

The yard of the month for July 2015 is 909 Red Sail Rd.  Dennis and Charlene Treubert, the homeowners, have lived in this home for 8 years. The yard boasts of many beautiful Crepe Myrtles. So many they wouldn’t all fit in the picture. The yard is sculptured into islands boasting many trees, shrubs, and perennials. The grass is a wonderful color and texture. There are a few sculptures and pots scattered about. The setting is so natural that you have to stop and stare to actually take it all in.


The Yard of the Month committee chooses one yard in Fairfield Harbour, each month for an Award of Excellence. A "Yard of the Month" sign is posted on the property for the month and the property owners are given a certificate and a one-year free membership in the Garden Club. The yard is photographed for inclusion on the Fairfield Harbour website and for submission to the "Beacon" for publication.



Chair:  Beverly Foltz

June 2015

The Yard of the Month selection for June 2015 is 907 Nautilus Ct. This home belongs to Bob and Susan Stevenson, who have been enjoying their yard for 4 years. The home has some unique and special features. The bubbling fountain in the courtyard surrounded by furniture that calls you to sit and relax, the dry creek bed, the flowering lily’s, roses and lantana and the islands of trees, bushes and hosta’s are just a few. The yard’s edges are defined and the property is very well kept by the Stevenson’s. I invite you to drive by the property and enjoy the view.


May 2015

The ‘Yard of The Month’ winner for May 2015 is 903 Terrapin Ct owned by Wayne and Twyla Pearson. Their yard is a joint operation. Wayne says he is the brawn while Twyla is the brains. It is a wonderful combination of many different trees, bushes, perennials, and flowers. The added interest is in the many pieces of yard art, some purchased but most handmade by the couple. There is a lot of pride and creative genius beaming from all sides of the yard. The picture doesn’t come close to exposing this gem. Take a drive by and enjoy.

April 2015

The Yard Of The Month for April is 909 Capstan Ct, the home of Bob and Lorraine Walter. This yard explodes with color and variety. The yard was designed and it is cared for by the home owners of 8 years, though Lorraine credits Bob with doing the work. The yard is not only beautiful now, but Bob changes the flowers throughout the summer and the sprouts that are new will grow and bloom into the Fall. The Walter’s show what can be done with a small area. The picture does not do it justice, take a ride by and you will be in awe of the splendor.

March 2015

The March Yard of The Month winners are Don and Joan Taylor at 1008 Pelican Dr. The Taylors do all of their own yard work. Don’s nickname is Mr. Daffodil. One ride by their yard during this time of the year and you will never forget the beauty of the bulbs welcoming Spring. Don told me there was a few daffodil’s when they moved here. He added about 800 and they have multiplied into the thousands.  These happy flowers are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

January 2015

The Garden Club's specially selected yard for the month of January 2015 is 916 Sawgrass Ct. This beautifully landscaped yard belongs to Bill and Susan Mathes. There are a lot of yards that can claim beauty in the Spring and Summer, but it takes a special yard to proclaim it in the Winter. The Mathes yard is a Winter beauty because of the different shades of evergreen, the lovely weeping cherry, the crape myrtles, and cute bistro all in islands that are weed free and etch nicely into the yard that simply says “Welcome to our home”.


November 2014

The Yard of the Month for November 2014, is 6012 Booty Lane. Marty and Carol Cavins built their home just 3 years ago. Considering the short amount of time they have been structuring their yard it looks incredible. The variety of bushes, trees and perennials, from the foundation plantings to the islands, is very pleasing to the eye. So many shades of color and textures in the leaves.  The Cavins, yard is beautiful in the summer when all the flowers are in bloom, but it is very special to share such beauty when the Harbour has had freezing temperatures, and most flowers have left us. Drive by their home on the corner of Pelican Dr and Booty Lane and enjoy.

Yard of the Month Selection Criteria
- Any home in Fairfield Harbour is eligible.
- Must not have won Yard of the Month within the last 3 years.
- All plots vary. Basic plan, design, planting and maintenance are considered.
- Color in shrubs, plants and garden is important.
- Accessories-containers, trellises, ponds, banners, lighting, and statuary
should be in balance.
- Care of Yard - weeds in control, shrubs pruned and driveway tended.
- Eye appeal of yard, as seen from the street, is the only practical way to view the yard for judging.

General Effect (15 points) Impression of landscaping. Does it have a finished look? Is it well groomed?
Accessories (10 points) Includes walks, paths, paving, pools, bird baths, picnic equipment, sundials, bird feeders, etc. Are they in keeping with each other?
Plant Materials (30 points) Interesting color, suitability to location, and
suitability of size.
Plan/Layout (25 points) Proportion, rhythm, scale, balance, and focal point.
Vigor and condition of trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. (20 points)


 Jan 916 Sawgrass Susan & Bill Mathes
 Mar 1008 Pelican Joan & Don Taylor
 Apr 909 Capstan Lorraine & Bob Walter



 Oct 1016 PelicanCharlotte Frey & Richard Koch 
 Nov 6012 Booty Lane Carol & Marty Cavins


 July 903 Caroline Court Cheryl & Dave Stevenson
 Sept 5717 Tradewinds Jineen & Joshua Wertheim
 Oct 1315 Pelican Drive Carol & Mauro
 Nov 911 SawgrassPam & John Ferrell 


Yard of Month nominations have been postponed due to Hurricane Irene clean-up

Oct 903 Grenada Court Laura & Walt Lindsay


 May 6111 Felucca Court Pat & Bob Sager
 June 903 Terrapin Court Twyla & Wayne Pearson
 July 910 West Wind Way Candy & Tom Scheopner
 Aug 1425 Mona Passage Ct Maria Bailey & Otto Roth
 Sep 210 Chateau Drive Rose & Ed Duffy



 May 804 Gull Lane Mary Kevin & Ken Bush
 Jun 904 Crooked Creek Kathy & Robert Harris
 July 6006 Cardinal Drive Sheila Cipriano & John Harper
 Aug 5917 Santo Domingo Barbara & Jim Redmond
 Sep 916 Sawgrass Court Susan & Bill Mathes
 Oct 2111 Royal Pines Kathy & Lewis Travis
 Nov 1931 Caracara Judy & Gene DuPree




MAY:        912 Crooked Creek - Annette & Fred Wagner                   JUNE:      909 Capstan Court - Lorraine & Bob Walter
JULY:       winner wishes to remain anonymous
AUG:        910 Sawgrass Court - Ceil & Ken Von Oesen
SEPT:      5606 Gondolier - Barbara & Bob Riegel
OCT:        904 Muirfield Court - Audrey & Hal VonDolln
NOV:        5904 Gondolier - Grawnea McGrail  & Joe Jones

APRIL:     706 Wind Way - Rick & Pat Walter
MAY:        6203 Albatross - Bud Strong
JUNE:      809 Navidad Bank - Mike & Jeanette McAuliffe
JULY:       909 Point Court - George & Muriel Hemingway
AUG:        6004 Cassowary - Dennis & Betty Evans
SEPT:      6109 Castleton - Bob & Jean Smith
OCT:        1105 Caracara - Frank & Dorothy Imholz
NOV:        1011 Barkentine - Ann Powers & Kelly Ahlman

APRIL:      909 Caroline - Sally & Ron Saggio
MAY:         920 Sawgrass - Letty & Joe deFigueiredo
JUNE:       2130 Royal Pines - Carolyn & Stephen Dauerbach
JULY:        903 Terrapin - Twyla & Wayne Pearson
AUG:         901 Caracara - Fran & Bob Krapf
SEPT:       5707 Barbary Coast - Nancy & Lee Franks
OCT:         2083 Royal Pines - Edith & John Behrmann
NOV:         6010 Stern - Jan & Ken Dunn

APR:         910 Sawgrass - Ceil & Ken Von Oesen
MAY:         6110 Cutlass - Barbara & Bill Prem
JUNE:       709 Black Swan - Laura & Frank Rooney
JULY:        908 Capstan - Barbara & John Hardy
AUG:         6303 Albatross - Nancy & Mitchell Motafches
SEPT:       909 Sea Holly - Marilyn & Chuck Ontiveros
OCT:         911 Shipyard Pointe - Pat Shine & Mark Page
NOV:        1209 Mona Passage - Antonia & Richard Steeber

APR:         1009 Pelican - Evelyn & Bill Nolan
MAY:         900 Grenada - Ann & Dale Baker
JUNE:       2013 Royal Pines - Bobby Hee
JULY:        6004 Cassowary - Betty & Dennis Evans
AUG:         2043 Royal Pines - Melissa & Mike McMinn
SEPT:       2009 Royal Pines - Jan & Bob Manning
OCT:         1206 Barkentine - Grace & Pete Maher
NOV:         904 Navidad Bank - Pam & Clay Sluder

YOM Committee Duties



Sharon Nasutovicz and a team of volunteers drive around looking for yards to nominate.  The team votes on the yard of their choice.


Sharon notifies committee members and YOM winner.

Sharon places YOM sign, award certificate & letter presented, takes photo, submits photo and write-up to The Beacon and FHMail distribution.