Fairfield Harbour Garden Club

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How to become a Member of the FHGC

Our garden club is open to all members of the community; not just residents of Fairfield Harbour.  If you would like to join the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club, please send an email to [email protected] requesting a membership form OR click on the COPY, PASTE, & PRINT tab and download the membership form OR come to a Garden Club meeting and join there. The membership year is July through June.  

Meetings are held monthly, the second Monday of the month, at 9:30 a.m. at the Community Center


no meetings in July & August

December - ?????

The annual dues (June through May) are $10.00 a year per household

2022-2023 FHGC OFFICERS (see MEET THE BOARD tab)

President - Susan (Soo) Klein
1st Vice President - Pam Kubik
2nd Vice President - Cheryl McAskill
Treasurer - Jan Reitzel
Assistant Treasurer - Kathy Hallquist
Secretary - Lucille Durst
Corresponding Secretary - Barbara Paulsen

FHGC Committee Chairs - 2022 - 2023




Cheryl McAskill   631-2375

Barbara Paulsen 607-731-9727


Beacon Articles - Barbara Paulsen   607-731-9727


Bus Trip -   Cheryl McAskill 631-2375

Looking at: Sylvan Bird Sanctuary, Scotland Neck, NC

(96 min. Bus Ride) Then to Greenville to eat and shop. Then to Plant & See for plants to purchase

Community Center Flowerpots 

Corrine Burton 845-701-1101

Door Prizes-

Chair - Lucille Durst           634-1925

Co-Chair - Jane Haeussler  633-4561


FHGC Raffle Basket to be raffled off at Craft Fair (tentative date October 22, 2022)

Chair - Cheryl McAskill          631-2375

Co-Chair -  Dorothy Jones     636-1518


Flyer Chair - Lucille Durst- 634-1925


Historian/ Librarian - Kathy Trexler     540-409-7165 


Holiday Events: 3 Divisions


1)Pinecone Bird Feeders-

Kathy Fuller - 638-3981


2) Christmas Tree Decoration-

Jane Haeussler - 633-4561  


3) Parade- First Sunday in December (Dec 2022)

Sandy Riggs - 515-657-2318

Pat LePera-Manfredi - 637-4251



Master Gardener Emeritus

Audrey Von Dolln - 633-9747



Chair- Carolyn Berry         315-719-5382

Co-Chair- Phyllis Godwin    229-7813


Chair: Jane Haeussler - 633-4561

Co-Chair: Lucille Durst - 634-1925


Photographer:  Barbara Paulsen 607-731-9727


Plant Divisions/Cottonseed Meal

Frank and Hazel Alcock - 637-2223



Pam Kubik 638-5216

(List to Yearbook Committee by September’s Meeting)



Hazel Alcock-        637-2223

Cheryl McAskill-    631-2375

Pam Kubik-           638-5216


Social Events- Fall Potluck, Pres. Luncheon & End of Year/Installation Brunch

Sandy Riggs -            515-657-2318

Kathy Fuller -             638-3981

Pat Lepera-Manfredi - 637-4251



Jean Huebner - 658-0585


Yard of the Month-

Carolyn Hansen - 288-4454


Pam Kovaks -       802-272-0176

Lynn Stateham -   672-9171

FHGC – Committee Descriptions

FHGC Committee Chair Descriptions



          -Annually in July

          -Reviews Treasurer's records

          -Send Audit Report to President


Beacon Articles

          -Monthly-all year long

          -Write Garden Club Article for Beacon which includes

                    upcoming events and prior months activities


Bus Trip


          -Choose Gardens to Visit

          -Arranges for bus & any activities

          -Collects money for trip

          -Purchases Refreshments for Trip

          -Organizes games for Trip ride


Door Prizes

          -September – June

          -Purchase Door Prize for monthly meetings

          -Hands out Raffle tickets at meetings


FH Arts & Crafts Sale Raffle Baskets


          -Provide sign-up sheets at meeting for donation items for baskets

          -Solicit Gift Cards for baskets

          -Make up Baskets for Raffle

          -Sell Raffle tickets at November meeting and Crafts Fair



          -September thru June

          -Attend monthly Board Meeting

          -Provide Chairman with monthly Flyers to members



          -All Year Long

          -Maintains binders of all Club Activities

                    including Beacon Articles, Photos & Flyers

          -Maintain Garden Club Library

Holiday Events- 3 Events:

          November & December

          1) Make Pinecone feeders to pass out in the FH Christmas Parade

          2) Decorate the Community Center Christmas Tree

          3) Organize for the Christmas Parade


Horticulture/Master Gardener Liaison


          -Botanical resource for Gardens in the FH Community



          -All Year Long

          -Maintain list of all active Membership

          -Collect Annual Dues

          -Hand out Membership Applications at monthly meetings

          -Pass out and Collect back name tags at all monthly meetings

          -Send Welcome letter to New FH Residents

          -Create and Distribute Annual Yearbook



          -All Year Long

          -Work with the VP to establish educational Programs, for the monthly meetings

          -Arrange a Local Garden related trip




          -Contact Local HS Counselors to solicit Applicants for Scholarship

          -Review applications and select a recipient

          -Present Scholarship at President's Luncheon (May)



          -October, May & June

          -Organize Fall Harvest Luncheon, President's Luncheon, and

                    End of Year Breakfast Social

          -Set-up and decorate for each event


Spring Plant Sale (Not utilizing yet)

          -March & April-only when needed to raise funds

          -3 sub-committees:

                    Purchasing, Plant divisions, and Raffle

          -Purchase Annuals and Perennials

                    Re-pot plants into larger pots for sale

                    Collect bulbs and plant divisions from FH residents and re-pot

                    Solicit plants, trees, garden items for Raffle

          -Set-up and work plant sale and Raffle


Ways & Means (Merchandise Table)


          -Sell aprons, hats, garden gloves, kneel pads & Cottonseed Meal

                    at monthly meetings, Fall Craft Fair & Spring Plant Sale

          -Order new items as required


Yard of the Month

          -May- October

          -Drive through FH monthly to select Yard of the Month winner

          -Recognize Winner at monthly meetings

          -Provide photo & Article for Beacon