Fairfield Harbour Garden Club

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President Lucille Durst

1st VP Hazel Alcock

2nd VP Jean Paladini

Treasurer Marilyn Smith

Asst Treas Terry Eichelberger

Secretary Carol Lindtveit

Corr Secretary Bonnie Smith


A BIG THANKS to Jane Haeussler for organizing all the socials for the past few years (Fall Harvest Pot Luck, President's Luncheon and the Year-End Social)!


Once again, thanks to Cheryl McAskill and her team (Pictured:  Cheryl, her sister, Mary, and Pat Lepera-Manfredi) for the great bus trip to Plant Delights and Juniper Level Botanical Gardens in Raleigh with a stop for lunch and perusing the State Farmers' Market and then a shopping stop at DeWayne's in Smithfield on the return trip.


Thanks to Cheryl McAskill and Hazel Alcock and their team for organizing and running the 2018 FHGC Bus Trip on May 23rd to Wilson, NC to several stops:  Wilson Botanical Gardens, Whirligig Park, Something Different for lunch (great service and great food -- highly recommend it!!), the Wilson Rose Garden and then to Gracies's the Village Shop for a quick shopping stop where everyone received a $10 coupon.    Great day and great trip!

Pictured left to right:  Elaine Berberich, Hazel Alcock, Sharon Nasutovicz, Pamela Dion, Cheryl McAskill and Pat Lepera-Manfredi (and Cheryl put her visitor, Joan, to work, too!).  Great job, ladies!!!


On Monday, September 18 a few members met at Booty Lane to do a LOT of pruning and thinning of the lorepetalum and overgrowth.  More work is to be scheduled and members are more than welcome to join in.
Front:  Patti Learnard and Evelyn Thompson
FHGC Members Standing left to right:  Jean Paladini, Jenny McDiarmid, Cheryl Stevenson, Jennifer Knight, Janet Witherup, Lucille Durst, Vicky Bozenhardt and Jane Haeussler
In addition, Mark Knight and four Knightscapes employees backed up the ladies.

Lucille Durst

Lucille accepted a nomination to be the 2017-2018 President of the FHGC and she will do a spectacular job. 
We have her to thank for organizing the 2017 President's Luncheon (she and her committee did the 2016 one, too!) and other Social events (i.e., the Fall Harvest Pot luck).
She's been the historian, the librarian, and coordinated the holiday cookies and gathers and sends out the monthly flyer and other information to the membership.  She has volunteered to be on other committees and the FHGC appreciates everything she has done and does.  Thank you, Lucille!!!!

2017 FHGC Bus Trip

Thanks to Janet Witherup and Rebecca Fenn and their team for organizing and running the 2017 FHGC Bus Trip to Cape Fear Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville, NC on May 1!!  Great day and great trip!

Pictured left to right:  Pat Lepera-Manfredi, Cheryl McAskill, Pamela Dion, Janet Witherup, Rebecca Fenn and Elaine Berberich.

2016 President's Luncheon

Hats off to Lucille Durst (Social Chairperson) and her team: Gay Whitney, Ellen Beery, Jenny McDiarmid, Jane Haeussler & Rosanne Rowe for doing a GREAT job putting together the 2016 FHGC President's Luncheon.  Once again, it was in the Harbour at Blackbeard's Sailing Club and the caterer did a great job...the food was delicious.  The floral arrangements and raffle prizes were enjoyed by all.  THANKS LADIES!!!

2016 FHGC Bus Trip

Thanks to  Cheryl Stevenson and Vicky Bozenhardt for stepping up to the plate to organize the yearly FHGC bus trip; destination:  J.C. Raulston Arboretum in R




Once again, the weather cooperated for this year's trip and the ladies and gentleman enjoyed a tour of the gardens and a shopping stop afterwards at Carolina Premium Outlets before returning home.


2015 FHGC Bus Trip

Thanks to Ellen Beery and Jenny Dark for stepping up to the plate to organize the yearly FHGC bus trip; destination:  Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, NC on the OBX.

The weather cooperated and the ladies enjoyed a tour of the gardens, lunch and then a shopping stop afterwards before returning home. 


2014 FHGC President's Luncheon

Hats off to Audrey Von Dolln for doing a GREAT job putting together the 2014 FHGC President's Luncheon.  The location chosen was VERY convenient since it was right here in the Harbour at Blackbeard's Sailing Club and the caterer did a great job...the food was delicious.  The floral arrangements and raffle prizes were enjoyed by all.  THANKS, AUDREY!!!

Pictures at:



2014 FHGC Plant Sale

Thanks to Linda Dodge and Carol Cavins and their committee/volunteers for organizing a GREAT plant sale.

Thanks also to Lynn Stateham and all her helpers for collecting the donated plants and dividing them into pots

Thanks to David Dodge (the Raffle Master) and assistant Guy Pascarella for selling the raffle tickets.

Also, thanks to Carol AND Marty Cavins (pictured) for creating the Plant Sale signs that can be used year after year -- they were a work of art!!!

Committee members:  Betty Richardson, Lucille Durst, Jane Haeussler, Bev Foltz, Jean Paladini & Lynn Stateham

Take a look at the pictures on the Picasa WebAlbum and you will see all the volunteers that made it a success:



2014 FHGC bus trip to Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Thanks to Jean Huebner and Ellen Pettigrew and their Committee (Karen Pethybridge and new member Mary Harouni and volunteer Patti LeVien) for organizing the FHGC bus trip to Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC with a shopping stop at Streets at Southpoint on the return trip home.  This was the first year that we tried "self-guided" tours of the gardens allowing members to go at their own pace; be it covering a lot of ground (some walked over to the Duke Chapel) or stopping to smell the flowers and sitting and admiring the beauty of the surroundings.


2013 FHGC Bus Trip

Thanks to Ellen Pettigrew and Mary Ann Ober for organizing the bus trip to Wilmington for a tour of Airlie Gardens and a shopping stop at MayfaireTown Center on the return trip.    Mary Ann had to cancel out at the last minute on the bus trip but Jean Huebner stepped up to help Ellen on the bus. 

Thanks to Judy Nelson for the beautiful handmade basket with the plants for the raffle (won by Mary Strickland). 

It was a beautiful day and everyone had a good time.


Pictured:  Ellen Pettigrew, our FAV bus driver, Rocky and Jean Huebner


2012 PB Pinecone roll and FH Christmas Parade

Hats off to Ellen Pettigrew for once again organizing the workshop to roll the pinecones in peanut butter and birdseed to be handed out during the FH Christmas Parade AND also for getting the group of FHGC members together to march AND drive in the parade on a beautiful December afternoon; the weather was perfect!!!



First President's Garden Hat Award

At the May 2012 general meeting, Linda presented Jean Huebner with the President's Garden Hat Award for service above and beyond the norm.  Jean was presented with a garden hat and framed award certificate.  Linda cited the following list of Jean's accomplishments as reasons for making this special award.  The entire membership greeted this announcement with a rousing round of applause and many personally congratulated Jean afterward.

- worked on the garden journal

- created a CD of photos of flowers from FH gardens to include in the journal

- recruits more new members than anyone else

- came up with the idea of a FHGC website and created the website from scratch, single-handedly

- then she stays on as webmaster [she trained me but I'm not much help]

- takes more photos of GC activities than anyone else and is reasonably sensitive about deleting those photos showing unattractive backsides

- makes an end-of-the-year slideshow for us to enjoy each year at the President's luncheon

- writes and distributes all of our electronic newsletters and makes sure a hard copy gets to the more technologically challenged among us each month